The Association seeks to realize its goals through the establishment and encouragement of cooperation between Academia and Industry, and by serving as a platform for successful future commercial projects. The current research programs focus on the following areas:

Energy Sources

The development of new miniaturized/nano sources of energy, distinguished by their energy density and size in comparison with currently available sources.

Energy Harvesting

Research on new, miniaturized/nano-scale energy harvesting capabilities, which enable the charging of the above-mentioned energy sources.


Research and development of new, highly sensitive miniaturized/nano-scale sensors.


Research and development of miniaturized/nano-scale communication components such as antennas and diodes.


Research and development of miniaturized/nano-scale designs for mobility and transportation on land, at sea, and in the air.


Research on morphological features of materials and development of their special properties stemming from nano-scale dimensions.

Additional programs in the fields of Nanotechnology are expected to be included in the future.