Support the Pearls of Wisdom Association

Through its incentive program, the Pearls of Wisdom Association promotes academic Nanotechnology research collaboration, and initiates cross-university and interdisciplinary research programs - including long-term and complex R&D processes. The academic research projects are cooperatively designed and directed by representatives from Israel's leading universities and research institutions who are recognized for the quality of their work. These scientists generously invest their time, energy, and expertise in the achievement of each research projects' goals.

All projects are carefully selected and prioritized. Once they have been approved, their implementation requires a substantial commitment of financial resources. For this reason, Pearls of Wisdom continuously seeks additional donations to help fund its incentive program. Academic institutions which have been awarded Pearls of Wisdom funds include Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan University, and Ariel University Center of Samaria.

Donors and Project Sponsors

The Association is seeking Donors and Project Sponsors who will fund the proposed research programs, thus speeding the accomplishment of its mission and supporting the successful achievement of its vision. Donors will receive periodic updates on progress and plans regarding research projects. Project Sponsors will automatically become members of the Friends of the Pearls of Wisdom Association, with their names engraved on a plaque.

To support the Pearls of Wisdom Association, please contact us at: